What TECHtality is all about!

Profile in Excellence…

TECHtality is a full service organization specializing in providing Business Computer and VoIP Phone Solutions and Services. TECHtality works  closely  with  our customers  to configure  systems  that  utilize past system investments and provide cost effective growth patterns for future needs…. 

Since our businesses inception in 1983 we have been responding to our clients needs and adapting to new technologies as they develop and mature….

Senior Consultant

“Little did we know that technology for business would ever reach this level! TECHtality is dedicated to serving our clients technology needs in every way possible! We are always leaning new things!”

Senior Consultant

Jay Giacopuzzi

Our vision

To meet the challenges of today's business environment you must have an Information and Communications Systems that won't let you down. Systems that provide accurate and timely information as well as an overall decision support framework to work within is essential. Streamlined Communications with your clients is critical! TECHtality is all about giving our clients reliable systems and services at affordable rates.

Our mission

As your business grows and changes, TECHtality will be with you every step of the way providing all of the essential ingredients for a successful Information System. These ingredients include business operations consulting services, off-site hosting services, hardware and software solutions, high quality documentation, installation, training, custom modifications, and most importantly extended support services....

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