We Have A Passion For Technology!

TECHtality is a full service organization with a Passion for Technology and Providing Business Technology Services. TECHtality works  closely  with  our clients  to support and configure  systems  that  utilize past system investments and provide cost effective growth patterns for future needs…. 

Protecting our client’s Technology Investments…

Since our businesses inception in 1983 we have been responding to our clients needs and adapting to new technologies as they develop and mature….

Little did we know that Technology for Business would ever reach this level! TECHtality is dedicated to serving our clients technology needs in every way possible! We are always learning new things!

Jay Giacopuzzi

CEO / Technology Services Director

TECHtality’s Founder Jay Giacopuzzi, is experienced and professional technology entrepreneur and tech enthusiast dedicated to making your tech work right. With a extensive background in Computer Software and Hardware, Field Engineering, Business Accounting Software, Software Development, New Business Technology Implementations and a Passion for Cutting-Edge Technology, Jay has built a reputation of helping his clients with solid strategic leadership and ability to navigate complex challenges in the digital landscape. As the founder and CEO of TECHtality Technology Services, Jay has spearheaded technology implementation that revolutionize how businesses leverage technology to achieve their goals. With a focus on integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction, Jay brings a dynamic blend of expertise in technology, business development, and client relations to the table. While always collaborating with clients to solve their most pressing needs, Jay’s commitment to excellence and forward-thinking mindset make him a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Positions included;

CEO/CTO,  Senior Engineer / Senior Software Developer,      Advanced Logic Systems, Inc.

CEO/CTO , Senior Computer Services Engineer,      TECH Concept Corp.

Senior Computer Services Engineer / VP /Principal,      Interstate Computer Services, Inc.

National Tech Support Manager,      Delphi Systems, Inc. (Insurance Software Developer).

Senior Field Engineer/District Manager,      Mini Computer Systems, Inc. (National Field Engineering)

40+ Years of Professional Business Experience, Certifications and Extensive Training Insures you’re getting the Best Technology Services Available.

Our vision

Welcome to TECHtality, your premier destination for cutting-edge IT solutions in Arizona. Our vision is to empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic landscape by providing robust Information and Communications Systems that deliver unparalleled reliability and efficiency. At TECHtality, we understand the importance of accurate and timely information, as well as the necessity of a comprehensive decision support framework. Our commitment to streamlined communication ensures seamless interaction with your clients, fostering stronger relationships and driving business growth. With TECHtality, you can trust in our dedication to delivering reliable systems and services at affordable rates, enabling you to conquer the challenges of the modern business environment with confidence.

Our mission

At TECHtality, our mission is to be your steadfast partner throughout your business journey, offering all the vital elements for a thriving Information System. From business operations consulting to on and off-site hosting, hardware and software services solutions, meticulous shared site technology documentation, seamless installations of new technology, technology modifications for enhanced performance, and crucial support when you need it, we provide the full spectrum of support to ensure your success. As your business evolves and expands, TECHtality is committed to evolving alongside you, delivering the essential ingredients necessary for a robust and prosperous Information System every step of the way.

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