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TECHtality Technology Services in Arizona is a cutting-edge service provider with accross the board comprehensive technological solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across Arizona. With a focus on supporting innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, TECHtality offers a wide range of on site, on demand services. Professional, Expierienced, bringing extensive expertise with a client connected approach to every project, ensuring seamless integration of new technology to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. Whether it’s optimizing existing IT systems, safeguarding your businesses digital assets, or just a simple question, TECHtality is committed to delivering exceptional services that empower our clients to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape. As a trusted partner to you and your business, we strive to exceed expectations, providing reliable support and innovative solutions that align with the unique goals and objectives of each client in Arizona.

"What's it like to work with TECHtality?"


This company really knows their stuff! I called Jay with a computer question that had me stumped, and he diagnosed the problem and made a recommendation in a matter of minutes! He is very friendly and understandable, not a lot of Tech talk that leaves you rolling your eyes. This company is very reasonable, so give them a try! I certainly was If you have not had good customer service in Tech Support, you will with this company.

Marteal Lamb May 5, 2023

Jay is extremely helpful. He helped me cleanup my computer, remotely and very quickly! 5 ⭐️ review all the way! Thank you

Katie Hemenway March 31, 2023

While everyone else watched Brady's 1st loss to the Cowboys, Jay secured a remote desktop connection so I could work while I watched. Techtality is my go-to for IT. He always gets me back in the game before I lose it. Often resolving the issues remotely. When (there’s no “if”) you have issues with technology there is no better call to make than Techtality. The best time to make the call is when you are setting up your tech. He will get it connected right, allowing your team to focus on being productive.

James Garnand January 20, 2023
owais sofi December 28, 2021

I thought I killed my computer. I was nervous. Backup is not in my vocabulary. I know they exist, but I thought my husband did them. Jay @ TECHtality skillfully resurrected it to better than new condition! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Very professional & kept me apprised of the status every step of the way. If you can’t make your computer work call Jay he may. But make sure someone backs it up. If he can’t convince your computer work at least he can put your data on your new one. Fortunately, his magic did the trick this time and mine is running better than ever.

Karen Garnand January 1, 2021

I have personally dealt with Jay the owner on numerous occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has helped us with out business computers and software. He has also diagnosed amd fixed our networking system when it was down. I was about to break my airmac one day because it was so slow and he logged on remotely and fixed it!I highly recommend Techtality for all your computer needs.

Sonja Duckstein July 24, 2020

My law office is all Mac. But I had been referred to Jay and Techtality. He was a lifesaver when my office in Avondale crashed. He got us up and running within a very short time. I had heard great things about Jay and his company, but this was the first time that I used his service. Prompt, knowledgable, and outstanding results. I will use his services again.

Howard Snader February 28, 2020

We had Jay come out to evaluate the sound system in our dental office. He was punctual , easy to deal with and very reasonably priced. He gave us several options and price points. We now have clean and relaxing music for our clients that is soothing to us all. Don't waste your time with other computer guys, just call Jay and BE HAPPY. Thanks again Jay, you are the best.

Jorge e November 1, 2019

Jay is outstanding!!! He knows his stuff when it comes to computer software. Once an established client many problems and be fixed remotely. This means you can be back up and running quickly.

Bill Kaiser September 20, 2019

Jay has quickly become an invaluable member of our team! Thank you for your affordable, expert IT advice and service! Jay visited our office and provided excellent hardware and software products. He has helped improve my business systems and made my staff very happy!

John Parker September 20, 2019
Rita O'Brien February 10, 2018

Great service with a knowledgeable and helpful background

Gia Marie May 28, 2017

Network Cabling and Wireless Installation Services Place Equipment Exactly Where You Need it!

Our expert technicians are ready to tackle any computer-related issues, from Quickbooks Database Fixes to Microsoft troubleshooting workstations to optimizing laptops for peak performance.

Computer Software and Hardware Support Services

Computer Repair Services and Upgrades

Operating System Repairs and Upgrades

Router, Firewall and Switch Configurations

Quickbooks Multiuser Installation Specialists

Microsoft Troubleshooting and Repairs

Experienced Server Specialist

Clean Up Your Server Room

Hardware/Software Recommendations Sourcing and implementation

Security Audit – Disaster Protection

Network Support CAT6, CAT6a and Fiber Installations – Move or Add a Drop

Network Design IDF MDF Implementation

Network Cabinets & Server Room Cleanup

Wireless Solutions, Mesh Networks

Security Cameras, NVR & DVR Systems

Video Conference Room Solutions

Office Sound Systems

Quickbooks Multiuser Enterprise Networked Installations

Security Backups – Disaster Recovery

Active Directory Security Specialists

Production Equipment Shop Floor

Experience flexibility with our on-site, on-demand, and remote IT services. Whether you need immediate assistance on-site, require on-demand support, or prefer remote solutions, TECHtality has you covered. Providing Technical Support Services To Arizona Businesses Since 1983!

Empower Your Employees to do Their Best Work! Our On-Site & Remote Services Keep your Windows Workstations up to date and secure!


In today’s business world, most every aspect of your business uses technology of some kind. Computers, Phones, Security Cameras, Video Conferencing, CAD, etc…, we are here to support it all!

On-Site Support Services Including Computer Software and Hardware Repairs, Server Services, Network Cabling, Router Firewall and Switch Configuration, Complete Workstation Support, Accounting Systems Support, CAD/CAM Support Services. Website Development, All Your Networking Equipment.

Technology Relocation Services!

Both Software and Hardware Repair Services!

Remote & On-Site – Combining local Arizona presence with national reach that translates to faster response times, competitive rates, and innovative services.

TECHtality’s team has years of experience and is certified in most major technologies! Providing our clients support at all levels. Including 24/7 access to our IT staff, on-site or remote support, and emergency response service available.

Our real-world business expertise on a variety of platforms allows us to make recommendations that are strategic rather than tied to a specific vendor or product. Our clients rely on this unbiased approach and use us to help them make informed decisions to connect staff with information and increase productivity….

TECHtality understands the importance of a well-organized and efficiently managed network server room. At the heart of any company’s operations lies its network infrastructure, and we specialize in providing top-notch solutions for cable management, organization, and labeling.

With TECHtality, you can trust that your IDF  (Intermediate Distribution Frame) and MDF (Main Distribution Frame) will be expertly designed to facilitate easy and efficient interaction with cabling throughout your facility. We work closely with you to create the perfect layout tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and minimal downtime.

One of the key aspects of our service is our commitment to quality and reliability. That’s why all our cabling comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind and long-term performance. Whether you’re upgrading your current infrastructure or starting from scratch, TECHtality is your trusted partner for all your networking needs.

Experience the difference with TECHtality – where excellence meets reliability. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help take your network infrastructure to the next level.

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